People Policies:


Customers of Reliable Maintenance Solutions will enjoy a dedication of service that will exceed the expectation of modern business.

We will endeavour to provide contracted services that enhance and improve the areas of our clients ventures that are within our sphere of influence and within the legal, ethical and commercial requirements of our customers policies, doctrine and processes, and within our own responsibilities within the laws and governance of Australia.

We will not attempt to encumber or otherwise financially disadvantage any client based on our own profitability, nor engage services on behalf of clients with the knowledge that an undisclosed benefit would be made to us.

Our focus will remain on providing a cost effective service in a professional and ethical manner.

Local Business

Reliable Maintenance Solutions will support local businesses in providing goods and services that meet the demands of our clients providing they are able to competitively meet the quantity, quality, and expedience of service required.

We will at all times endeavour to work with clients and supporting local businesses to eliminate discrepancies in levels of service and commerciality to help ensure a mutual benefit is gained by shareholders, other stakeholders and communities.


Reliable Maintenance Solutions is an Equal Opportunity employer and will treat our employees and representatives with fairness and respect.

We will endeavour to recruit and train the best candidates to ensure that we can deliver the services we provide to our clients in a professional, expedient and cost effective manner.

We will not allow any employee to be bullied or harassed by other representatives of Reliable Maintenance Solutions, our clients or service providers and will strive to build relationships to support this policy.

Health Safety Policy:

Reliable Maintenance Solutions is totally committed to the Health and Safety of our employees and other people who may be affected by the conduct of our business.

We will provide our employees with the necessary training and equipment to perform their duties in a safe and effective manner and provide policies and procedures to facilitate the reporting and continual improvement of our own safety performance.

We will provide policies and procedures to manage fatigue, drug and alcohol use and illness that may affect the ability of our employees to work safely and in the guidelines of our clients and our service providers.

Employees and Representatives of Reliable Maintenance Solutions will remain vigilant when working on client sites or service providers establishments and will follow all Safety requirements and instructions legally given by those persons responsible for the premises or worksite we attend to ensure the safety and wellbeing of themselves and other persons in attendance at the facility.

Our employees and representatives will actively participate in safety programs and satisfy the requirements of the safety systems and processes of our clients and service providers whilst attending those sites.

We will provide collaborative assistance to clients and service providers in the management of any area of health or safety concern and in any campaign or event.

Green Policy:

Reliable Maintenance Solutions will work with our clients and service providers to ensure that we do not contribute to damage or destruction of the local native flora and fauna in the usual conduct of our business.

We will follow all requirements of Local, State and Federal Environmental laws and governance as well as the policies and procedures of sites we attend, and report any incident that we may inadvertently cause or be witness to.

We will strive to continually improve our service providers work practices that do not meet the standards expected by our clients and the community, and be innovative in our contribution to minimise the environmental impact of our clients and service providers activities within our sphere of influence.

Quality Policy:

Reliable Maintenance Solutions will provide quality systems and procedures to ensure work that we are responsible for is completed on time and to the agreed standard.

We will work with customers and service providers to continually improve the level of service and quality of repairs undertaken to optimise the reliability of maintenance items for our clients.

We will strive to ensure that services we deliver will meet or surpass the expectations of our customers to add value to their organisation.



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